Big changes could be on the way for all residents living in Leon Valley as city officials are looking to keep the city beautiful by beefing up codes regulations.

Tuesday the Leon Valley city council held their first of two public input meetings regarding a proposed property maintenance code. Essentially a long list of do s and don ts related to codes enforcement for all residents. But the ordinance is already attracting a lot of outcry from San Antonio Realtors.

It s just not their right to be able to tell homeowners what they can and cannot do on their personal property, said Realtor Matt Troy.

Troy said not only is the ordinance unnecessary, but goes too far with some violations.

It actually says if there s fire ants in their yard they re in violation of the ordinance, they have to keep insects off their property, said Troy. They actually said if a tree has lost 75 percent of its foliage it s considered dead and you have to remove it.

City manager Manuel Longoria said the ordinance is still subject to change pending public response. He also points out the ordinance was created with only good intentions.

This whole process started from citizens expressing concerns of untidiness of certain homes or certain homes in our community, said Longoria.

At Tuesday s meeting plenty of questions and concerns were raised and it seems clear the ordinance needs some work before most residents will support it.

I think you need to be clear you don t want junk in the front yards and what that means, not someone who has taken a lot of time to landscape their property and make it look good, said one concerned resident Tuesday.

The next public input meeting will be February 7.
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