HOUSTON -- A woman says she was assaulted by a Houston police officer in front of her 5-year-old boy, but she is the one facing charges.

Virtually, all of the confrontation from April 21 is recorded and it is aggressive from the start.

Get out of the car, the officer says while trying to get Neykeyia Parker out of her friend s car.

Why are you doing that? What are you doing, that is unnecessary, her friend can be heard screaming on the video.

Parker says that she was simply trying to put her five year old son Devon into the car to drop him off at a relative s house when the officer essentially attacked her.

Get out of the car! You are under arrest! the officer yells on the video.

When they ask him for what he responds, for Trespassing.

All that just ten feet from her front door.

The officer was not happy to have this arrest recorded either, at one point smacking the phone recording the video out of her friend's hand.

You see it on TV but you never think that it will be you, said Parker. My baby was in the back like the whole time.

Parker says this all could very easily been prevented if the officer had ever actually identified himself as a Houston police officer. She says he never did.

They got people impersonating police officers every day. I did not know who he was. If he would have identified himself that would not have been a problem.

Now her problem is a charge of interfering with a public servant. Her brother, Nelson Brown, does not understand.

No gun. No radio. just a mangy little dog on a string, said Brown. Why would I think you were police?

Brown was called to the scene to pick up 5-year-old Devon because his mom was going to jail. He talked to the other officers who arrived when neighbors called about the commotion.

They said trespassing and everybody was laughing, said Brown. It was like a joke. Everybody was laughing.

Everybody except Neykeyia.

It is traumatizing, said Parker. I think about it every day. I don't go anywhere. I stay in the house. The officer lives on property. I don't go anywhere. I am always looking over my shoulder.

We called HPD to find out the officers side of this story, but they would only tell us that there is an Internal Affairs investigation looking into the incident but no other comment.

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