SAN ANTONIO -- Emergency workers are not ready to call it quits. They are looking for Calvin Gibson, whohas been missing now for more than 18 hours. Gibson was swept away by the rushing waters of Cibolo Creek.

The search was called off late last night, but early this morning recovery workers were back at the creek searching for 57 year old . Early Thursday afternoon aDPS helicopter returned to search the area. The same chopper was on the scene until 1 a.m.Thursday.

What they do is get down low to try and move the foilage around and see if he may be in a tree or hanging on to a limb, says Lt. Paul Tarter with the Bexar Bulverde Fire Department.

Authorities say Gibson was in a Ford Ranger pick-up truck, his wife was in another vehicle behind him.They were driving home from church at the time.

They reportedly drove through one low-water crossing without any trouble. But when they came to a bridge over Cibolo Creek, it was a different story.

Investigators saidGibsonwanted to cross even though his wife called him on her cell phone and asked him not to try it.

They crossed one low-water crossing, but at a second bridge over Cibolo Creek the water came up too fast and Gibson was swept away.

Water does not discriminate if you go into the water you will not win, says Tarter.

Gibson lives near the scene, and family members are standing by hoping for a miracle.

A spokesperson for Bexar County confirmed barricades were up at both crossings.

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