They're at it again. A group of volunteers dubbed Restore SA has hit the streets in district one seeking the 6,000 needed signatures to start a recall effort against San Antonio District One City Councilman Diego Bernal.

Restore SA says Bernal and the rest of council are imposing policy that is not needed to San Antonio residents.

Their main issue is the changes passed to the already existing non-discrimination ordinance, spearheaded by Bernal.

The group also takes issue with VIA's street car plans and increases to CPS Energy bills.

Overall, city council is not responding to people. They are responding to niche groups, they feel like they are elitists, they do not feel like the people matter - that they matter, they know what's best for the city. They are shoving down agendas that most of us conservative family member values do not like, said Chris Anderson with Restore SA.

Councilman Diego Bernal issued this response:

I believe every person; every walk of life is welcome in District 1. They'd rather that we still have the ability to treat some residents differently. I'm committed to respect and fairness. That's never going to change.

Restore SA says they took a few weeks off to regroup. They say they are confident they can get the needed signatures.

We asked how many signatures they have collected; Restore SA did not opt to divulge those numbers.

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