SAN ANTONIO -- The uncle of two-year-old Jeremy Soto spoke with KENS 5 about the incarceration of his grandfather and the loss of his little nephew.

Jimmy Soto, Jeremy's uncle and the son of Joel Soto -- the man arrested for setting his truck on fire Saturday, Nov. 16 -- sounded more like a public information officer than a family member.

KENS 5 asked, What happened to Jeremy?

That I can't speak of because I wasn't here.

What have you been told? The evidence looks bad ... someone has to address it.

The evidence looks bad, yes, but I can't speak on it because it's under investigation.

After San Antonio firefighters put out the truck fire Saturday, they found Jeremy in the passenger seat, dead.

On Friday, police searched Joel Soto's home on Broad Forrest Street, near N.W. Loop 1604, on the northwest side.

Police removed sacks of items from the home. Detectives wouldn't tell what was in the bags, nor would they say what spurred the search.

All that was told to KENS 5 was that the search was consensual.

Why are the cops here? KENS 5 asked Jimmy Soto.

I can't say. All I can say is, we are doing everything we can to cooperate, so we can lay 'mijo' down to rest properly.

Can you tell us at least if Jeremy died of natural causes?

Right now, I can't speak on that. I don t know. What I do know is that he was very loved ... we're devastated without him.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner s Office has not yet ruled on a cause of death for young Jeremy.

The family has set up a fund account at Security Service Federal Credit Union in an effort to raise funds for Jeremy's funeral.

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