AUSTIN -- Last week's sunny skies at the Austin City Limits Music festival gave way to rain this weekend.

Videos posted to YouTube show the Cure calling down the rain Saturday night, and by the time Kings of Leon were finishing up their set, it was a full-on deluge.

People were just erupting in sheer madness, said concert goer Diego Pulido. It was just fantastic! It made the show better actually.

By Sunday morning, video released by the festival organizers showed Zilker Park was awash in mud. The worrisome weather forced the cancellation of the final day of shows. Concert goer Alan Alaniz summed up the reactions of many, I was super bummed out, for sure.

Yet a number of bands scheduled impromptu pop-up shows to keep the music going. Austin 360 posted video on YouTube of the band Mowgli playing on a street corner. Lionel Richie moved his show to the living room of Austin businessman Joshua Baer, who posted photos of the party on Twitter.

But it was Atoms for Peace that drew thousands to the Moody Theater for a performance on ACL Live Sunday night. Standing in line, Mark Lopez told KVUE, I was pretty bummed at first, but pretty excited that they're putting on this show now!

Concert organizers announced a partial refund Sunday. Referring questions to Front Gate Tickets, the festival's official website states, Refunds will be issued automatically by check from Front Gate Tickets within three weeks. One-third of ticket price will be refunded to all ticket buyers based on original ticket price paid, and will be mailed to the billing address on the original order.

Many scored the weekend a win despite the weather.

Gladly, Austin is a city that caters to the live music scene, said Pulido. So it does help that, but I don't know if that would happen in any other city to be honest. It does make it better.

The rain just didn't put a damper on fans, the festival sees roughly 75,000 a day on average, but also on the 37 vendors that keep them fed and quenched. Congress Executive Chef David Bull was one of many vendors waiting to get back into the park Monday in order to pack up and move out.

With the rain it just kind of throws a crink into the system, said Bull. So we're in cue right now waiting to load out our stuff.

Although the cancellation will result in some loss of product, Bull says overall this year's festival was great for business. As far as what to do with the extra food, he told KVUE Monday he plans to give some the unsold product to those in need.

We've got a lot of food left over, said Bull. We're going to try to incorporate some of that product back into the restaurant, and then the stuff that we can't we're going to look forward to donating to the local food bank.

With that, perhaps the unfortunate weather for concert goers won't be a waste for everyone.

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