AUSTIN, Texas -- Two people have been taken into federal custody after a year-long investigation by the Williamson County Sheriff's Office and Texas Department of Public Safety netted up to $7 million worth of marijuana.

The neighbors on the street of a Northeast Austin neighborhood say they did not see this coming.

It seemed like a lot of SWAT team, and police cars blocking the road there. But they did let the school buses by, so I just didn't know what was going on, said one neighbor.

The home is one of six busted by police Wednesday morning for growing indoor marijuana.

The indoor grow marijuana is significantly different than outdoor grown marijuana that you might see from Mexico. The sophistication of this is obviously everything is self-contained within the house, including special lights, fertilizing, seed selection, etc, said Captain. David Franklin, Texas Department of Public Safety.

Officers bagged what they estimated to be $500,000 worth of marijuana at that Northeast Austin home. But this was just a small part.

In all, 1,400 high-grade marijuana plants -- along with more than 200 pounds of loose marijuana -- were seized from all six homes. The street value is estimated at between $6 million and $7 million.

Police say even though the suspects use a lot of electricity to grow marijuana at the houses, they somehow figured out a way to bypass their own electric meter. That means the energy usage doesn't show up on their bill. That is likely why red flags did not pop-up at that particular house. It also means they're stealing thousands of dollars worth of electricity.

Having a young child, you want your kids to grow up in a nice safe neighborhood and this is a place that I would consider living. But it does kind of make you think twice about where you live now, said Seth Prince, who works in the neighborhood.

Authorities would not say what charges the two people are facing. Nor would they say if more arrests are expected.

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