SAN ANTONIO -- During Tuesday's press conference addressing anti-gay comments, District 9 Councilwoman Elisa Chan accused the press of distorting the context of her secretly recorded remarks.

Chan singled out the word disgusting, claiming she was not specifically referencing homosexuality, as originally reported.

Many of the comments reported in the newspaper have been taken out of content, Chan said. An example is the word 'disgusting.' I made that comment in reaction to pedophilia and bestiality.

In the May 21 recording, Chan participated in the following exchange:

Staffer No. 1: If a woman who's bisexual, like, that's fine. Even though she's bisexual, but that's OK.

Chan: Disgusting.

Staffer No. 2: Anything goes.

Chan: So disgusting.

Staffer No. 2: No morals and values.

In that portion of the recording, it is difficult to determine what behavior Chan was referencing because the beginning of the conversation is clipped. Nine minutes into the recording, Chan can again be heard using the word disgusting.

Chan: Personally, I think it's just disgusting to even think about all the definitions.

Facing the media on Tuesday, Chan acknowledged that the position she holds on the issue might be viewed as offensive, but stopped short of offering an apology.

Even though the LGBT community and I do not share the same views, I respect and support their personal freedoms and right to their lifestyle, Chan said.

The backdrop to the controversy is the upcoming vote on a proposed amendment to San Antonio's anti-discrimination ordinance to offer protection to the LGBT community. In Tuesday's press conference, Chan said she had yet to decide how she would vote.

In contrast, on the May 21 recording, Chan's staffers can be heard counseling her to write an Op-Ed piece on the ordinance.

Staffer: We can't be silent. No, you should definitely not be silent. You should go down kicking and screaming. Become a culture warrior on this one.

Another staffer also offered her similar political advice.

Staffer: To score political points, you have to stand up and be anti-gay. You get the most political points by standing up for traditional values on this one.

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