SEGUIN, Texas -- Deputies in Guadalupe County chased a cream colored Ford F-150 carrying more than a dozen undocumented immigrants through Seguin until the driver of the truck crashed in a field off of the interstate just after 9:30a.m. Saturday.

According to Sheriff Arnold Zwicke, the chase started when a deputy tried to pull over the Ford on Interstate 10 just west of Seguin. The driver changed lanes erratically after he noticed the patrol car behind him.

The driver of the truck then exited the interstate at Highway 90 and headed east into Seguin. He never accelerated past 40 miles per hour.

Deputies say next, the driver of the truck turned north on State Highway 46 and headed back to the interstate.

At the time, the roads were slick because of rain.

The driver of the Ford turned east, trying to get back on the interstate. That s when the driver lost control, nearly hit an SUV going in the opposite direction, then sped into a field.

The chase continued until the driver smashed into a ditch and damaged the truck so badly it could no longer be driven.

At that point, several undocumented immigrants got out of the truck and ran away from the deputies.The rest were arrested right there.

In all, ten undocumented immigrants were in the cab of the truck and three were riding in the bed, according to the Sheriff.

The immigrants riding in the bed of the truck were taken to a hospital and later handed over to the Border Patrol.

They were all form Honduras, says the sheriff. The youngest was 14 years old; the oldest was 30.

They stack them like cord wood. It's sad because we know these people are getting ripped off and we know they need a job and they are probably not going to get to their destination, Zwicke told KENS 5.
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