A Churchill High School parent is fed up that his stepson is involved with the wrong crowd and drugs.

He turned in his stepson and 17 other kids to the principal in hopes something can be done. He says his stepson is a smart kid who can t get away from the wrong crowd.

The anonymous parent said, I warned him the time is coming where you re probably going to be incarcerated.And his attitude is, 'Oh, well.'

The parent says he was in his car Monday close to Churchill High School when a group of guys came up to him thinking he was his stepson. He said when he got out of the car. they dropped a bag of pot and ran.

According to the parent, a note inside the bag said, Try to get this sold.

The parent confronted his stepson about the incident. he said the 17-year-old was already high.

He asked for his stepson's cell phone, where he reportedly found numerous pictures and videos of the teen and his friends smoking out of a bong and doing cocaine lined up on a table.

Northeast Independent School District said that if the activity isn t pictured on campus it would be a matter for San Antonio police.

The school district also said the students no longer go to Churchill. But the parent says he knows some of the kids do go to the high school. He said he was told by campus police they have a history with the teens.

Aubrey Chancellor of NEISD said, We want to thank him for coming forward, but to say there is an ongoing problem at Churchill High School, that simply is not the case.

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