SAN ANTONIO -- It was San Antonio Police Chief William McManus who put the cuffs on one of his own accused of planting false evidence on a victim and then demanding cash.

On Friday morning, McManus held a press conference outlining the joint sting operation manned by SAPD and the FBI.

Officer Curtis w. Lundy was arrested Thursday night. He is now facing federal charges. The 36-year-old is accused of planting false evidence on a crime victim and demanding cash.

He claims he found marijuana, said Kumail Jusab. He had no probable cause to search my car, the car had nothing to do with the incident.

Jusab came to the U.S. from East Africa in pursuit of the American dream. He works hard and he is going to school.

He said on December 15 he was assaulted at the Salado Crossing Apartments. Naturally, police responded, but then Jusab says the tables turned.

He kept telling me also, 'You want your license? You know, you want your record to be clean? It's only $400,' and he wanted $400 on the spot. And I didn't have the money on me. Jusab said.

Jusab says the officer asked to search his car. He says the officer planted marijuana in the vehicle and threatened to arrest him.

You know, what I'm thinking is it is happening to people who are most likely permanent residents, because they try to keep a clean record, you know, to try to get their citizenship or what not, Jusab said. And that may be one of the reasons why they wouldn't ever think about going to the authorities or anything like that.

But Jusab called police to complain, and Internal Affairs started looking into the situation. He says a second person called him demanding the cash. That person claimed to be with the District Attorney's Office.

You know, in fact, what the funny thing is, he put that marijuana that he said he found in my car back in my pocket, and said, 'You can go.' Jusab claims.

According to a SAPD press release, Jusab also notified the FBI. Under the direction of the FBI Jusab recorded several subsequent telephone conversations with the suspect in which Lundy allegedly instructed Jusab to meet him on Thursday to deliver the cash, now upped to $500.

SAPD said officers observed Lundy arrive at the agreed location in a patrol car. They watched as he reportedly collected the envelope filled with cash. Lundy was arrested following his Thursday night shift.

As the highest ranking official in the San Antonio Police Department, I do not, and will not, ever tolerate a crime committed by any public official, especially one of my own officers, McManus said at the Friday morning news conference.

Lundy faces federal charges of theft of honest services by wire fraud. He was on the force for four years..

A preliminary hearing is set for January 17. If he is convicted he could be sentenced to up to 20 years behind bars and a maximum fine of $250,000. For now, Lundy has been released on a personal recognizance bond.

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