Pam Carter says it's pretty simple: She just wants her money back.

Carter, her husband and her mother jointly own a beautiful home on the Bexar County-Comal County line. It's called a split district. A portion of their property taxes goes to Comal County but the school portion goes to Bexar County.

Back in 2007, Carter noticed Comal County had her home listed as being 354 square feet bigger than it was. They went to a tax hearing in Comal County and won. Comal County was supposed to send the information to Bexar County. They didn't, but Carter did.

When the family put the home up for sale this year they noticed the error was still on the Bexar County appraisal. Carter notified the Bexar County Appraisal District, who acknowledged the error, but said there would not be a refund.

Carter asked for an appraisal hearing. She presented her documents and proof that Bexar County had received the information in 2007 but neglected to correct it in their records.

The county also acknowledged the Carters had over paid, but still refused to issue a refund.

That's when Carter called us. We contacted the chief deputy appraiser for Bexar County, who looked at the situation then sent us a statement saying the Carters would be receiving a refund for the over payment of taxes for the past five years.

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