It's especially difficult holiday season for the County family after a house fire destroyed almost everything they owned.

Jeanne and LaMillton County have two young boys. The family of four has been living in a single motel room since last Tuesday when an electrical fire destroyed their rental house, located on the 600 block of Porter.

No one was inside the home when the fire started, but within a matter of minutes, all of the family's belongings were gone and now they are struggling to make ends meet.

You have to kind of wonder and find out how you're going to eat, especially when you're low on funds and got two little ones who stay hungry all the time, said Jeanne County.

The County's had only been living in the rental home for three weeks before the fire struck. The American Red Cross helped them out, but volunteers say there are no additional resources available to them.

The County family isn't sure they'll go next, and say they can no longer afford to stay in a motel.

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