DALLAS The 27-year-old man who was jailed in Mexico in April after making a wrong turn into the country carrying a shipment of ammunition is back in the United States.

The El Paso Times is reporting Jabin Bogan on Friday crossed over the very bridge he found himself trapped on after the GPS in his 18-wheeler malfunctioned on April 18. Bogan was taking a shipment of 268,000 rounds of ammo to a buyer in Arizona. His attorney said he had legal paperwork proving the cargo s validity and simply made a wrong turn.

Bogan was arrested on the Bridge of the Americas when he tried, unsuccessfully, to reverse and back out of a lane reserved for passenger cars. Security footage captured at the border depicts Bogan blocking several lanes of southbound traffic for more than half an hour while trying to maneuver his trailer back to the U.S.

Customs agents would later testify in his behalf that the ammunition was visible in the vehicle, debunking the prosecution s argument that Bogan hid it all under his floorboards.

In July, a judge ordered a reenactment of the arrest.Bogan s mother told News 8 reporter Brad Watsonthat she hoped the reenactment would further discredit the prosecution's attempts at painting her son as an illegal gun smuggler.

The judge can see that he was telling the truth from day one, Bogan's mother, Aletha Smith, said then. There was nothing hid.

The following month, a Mexican appeals judge lessened the charge against him from trafficking to possession of ammunition. The original charge carried a maximum penalty of 30 years in a Mexican prison the downgraded charge had just a max six-year-sentence.

Bogan eventually ended with a three-year sentence, which made him eligible for a conditional release.

He s been in a detention facility in Veracruz, south of Mexico City, since August. On Nov. 14, the Bogan family said Jabin would be freed after paying a fine. The details on his punishment, including the fine amount, have been kept quiet as to not affect his release.

The El Paso Times reports his attorney has scheduled a press conference for later this afternoon.

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