San Antonio police arrested two men Saturday who were accused of shooting a woman in what officers called a drug deal gone bad.

Back in October, police said Fatima Moore was going to buy some drugs from a man she had never met at an apartment off of Rampart Street on the north side. She ended up getting shot twice.

Police now have arrested William Wylie and Dylan McDaniel. They are accused of coming up to Moore's car and taking her money before she ever got out.

She didn't want to give the two any money, and Wylie and McDaniel shot her once in the arm and once in the stomach, police said.

Moore survived the attack.

After police checked Moore's phone records, they said they found out it was McDaniel who arranged the meeting between Moore and her suspected drug dealer.

McDaniel said it was Moore who shot herself by accident, but police got in touch with some of McDaniel's friends, and those friends told police McDaniel bragged about shooting Fatima Moore.

Both men face at least one charge of aggravated robbery. There was no word on whether Moore will face charges.

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