SAN ANTONIO -- A mother admits her son was hiding from police. But she says that didn't give police the right to beat her up and throw her in jail, too. Now she's demanding justice.

But police question why the suspect didn't just pull over to begin with and avoid this violent outcome?

I said, 'Is this really happening,' said Rosemary Lopez. Can they really do that?

Her son was Tazed by San Antonio police after a high-speed chase ended at her home in the 900 block of Elkhorn last week.

They said, 'You're going because you are his mother,' Lopez recalled.

While she doesn't deny her son, Felix Lopez, may have broken the law when he did not pull over during a stop, she says she did not deserve what happened next.

What my son did, he needs to be punished, she said.

But now she says she fears the police.

He picked me up like 4 inches high, and said because of your son you deserve all this and they were punishing us, said Lopez.

She was handcuffed with an injured shoulder, banged up and thrown in jail for interfering. She says immediately after bonding out she went to the emergency room.

But police say there was no excessive force. They said Lopez was on the run and even tried to hide in his mother's backyard. They say that made the situation more dangerous.

As officers tried to subdue the suspect people inside the house - family members started to interfere with the officers duties to include spitting on the officers, SAPD's Matthew Porter said.

Police say Lopez had two pounds of marijuana and that's probably why he did not surrender at first. According to police Lopez also had an outstanding family violence warrant.

Rosemary Lopez says she plans to file for an investigation this week.

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