SANANTONIO An Air Force veteran pays tribute to those killed in the Global War on Terror, hoping others will take notice.

Jenn Hassin s Letters of Sacrifice memorial is on display this weekend at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

The 26-year-old Austin artist said her goal is to raise awareness about how many service members have given the ultimate sacrifice since the War of Terror began on Oct. 7, 2007.

Her art project is comprised of representational military condolence letters.

Each letter represents a fall hero. Currently, there are 6,606 letters. Hassin continues to add letter for every new service member killed in the war.

Hassin said she wanted to find a way to bring attention to their sacrifice but knew many people avoid traditional looking military memorials.

I think a lot of times they like to look away or not think about it, she said. People don't want to think about that there are a lot of people over there are dying, she said.

Hassin said she hopes people will be drawn in by her art and then walk away appreciating the scarifies made by the thousands of service members.

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