BEXARCOUNTY -- A 19-year-old man was shot and killed by a Bexar County deputy early Sunday morning.

The sheriff's office says the deputy acted in self defense.

According to investigators the deputy spotted the man walking down Culebra Road at FM 1560 on the northwest side at around 1:30 a.m.

They said the man had been acting suspiciously, so the deputy moved in to take a closer look.

The deputy said the man appeared intoxicated and was partially in the street, so the officer turned on his lights and began to detain him.

But according to Bexar County officials, while the suspect became aggressive while the deputy was patting him down for weapons. The deputy said that's when the 19-year-old attacked him, and attempted to push him into the street. The deputy fired and the suspect was hit multiple times.

Investigators say before the incident the same man may have been seen acting strangely at a nearby gas station.

We have witnesses telling us that he was at the Valero, said Det. Louis Antu. When he was at the Valero he was acting a little erratic and suspiciously. So we need to pull those videos and have a good hard look at it, and see if it's the same individual. We don't know for sure.

The man later died of his wounds at University Hospital.

As is departmental policy, the 26-year veteran has been placed on paid administrative leave as investigators piece together exactly what led to the shooting.

This is the second shooting since Friday involving a Bexar County deputy. In the previous incident, a 24-year-old man pointed a gun at deputies after a stand-off. SWAT officers responded with gunfire and the suspect ended up being hospitalized.

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