A San Antonio woman didn t win The Amazing Race this season, but she made it all the way to the finale, which aired Sunday night on KENS 5.

It was the experience of a lifetime, Vanessa Macias said.

You may remember this hometown girl from her days appearing on KENS 5's Great Day SA or more recently as the PR face for the San Antonio Talons arena football team.

But for two months, she was globetrotting around the world with a dozen other duos vying for the million dollar prize on The Amazing Race.

I've been a fan of the show for 10 years, so I figured eventually I'd get there -- I hoped, she said.

Q: You tried out. Did you think you'd make it?

A: I hoped we'd make it, because I think we're entertaining people.

She definitely provided entertainment, competition and drama right from the start.

From the word go, I just didn't like (Rachel.) she can't see past her own nose, Vanessa said.

The rivalry between Vanessa and Rachel grabbed the spotlight.

We had a few spats, Vanessa said. That's just the one that got aired. It was wrong -- I was being mean.

Q: She attacked your age!

A: Yeah, I'm 31.

Q: She said you were 38.

A: First off, 38 is not old.

Vanessa and her then boyfriend, Ralph, were partners on the show. Their teamwork got them to the finale, but the stress of the show took a toll on them.

Q: Did it stress your relationship? Because you're a couple in real life.

A: We broke up hours after the plane landed. Splittsville: population two.

She said Ralph was edited as the very patient guy, while she was presented as the opposite.

They make me just mean. I can be mean -- I gave them the material -- but the nice things I said just went on the cutting room floor, Vanessa said.

Airport floors and bathrooms are something she became very familiar with.

A lot of times you're sleeping on the airport floor, taking makeshift baths with baby wipes in the airport bathrooms, she said. It's gross. You don't smell good, you're hungry, you're tired. It wasn't as glamorous as I anticipated.

Still, she said the experience overall was great, but that her days in reality TV are over now.

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