SAN ANTONIO -- When you go to the pharmacy, you trust they will fill your prescription correctly.

Ingrid Allen says CVS Pharmacy filled the wrong prescription, but still charged her. Now, Allen is out $218.

I'm disappointed with the way I was treated, Allen said.

On January 4, Allen's husband was released from the hospital, but Allen asked her daughter to stop by CVS Pharmacy to pick up his prescribed medication.

She went in there in a hurry to pick it up and handed her a package with a number of prescriptions in it and there was only supposed to be one, Allen said.

The CVS pharmacist refilled several prescriptions, but Allen says the store had instructions to check with her before doing so.

They went ahead and filled it without checking with me, so therefore they gave me the wrong medicine, Allen said.

The doctor took Mr. Allen off Actose, switching his prescription to Metformin. However, the pharmacy understandably can't take dispensed medication back.

Allen attempted to call CVS, wrote a letter to company headquarters, but received no response.

That's when she decided to call Kens 5.

When we called CVS headquarters, we got an immediate response with a promise that they would research the matter.

CVS sent Kens 5 the following statement:

We apologize for the delay in resolving this matter. The prescription in question was filled appropriately, but it hadn't been picked up so it was dispensed when Mr. Allen's other prescriptions were picked up in January. Due to the unique circumstances involved and in the interest of customer service, we are providing Mr. Allen a refund on the medication.

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