CONVERSE, Texas- They thought it would be a harmless gesture to wear a t-shirt in support of their father who isa wounded warrior. But two elementary school girls got in trouble for it.

According to the Judson ISD spokesperson, the girls got in trouble for breaking the dress code before, but this time, their mom said, they were just supporting their father.

First grade student, Savannah and fourth grade student, Taylor, were raised in an Army family.

I'm paralyzed. I have a TBI, said Army Spc. Justin Perez-Gorda.

The girls' father was injured by a road-side bomb in Afghanistan. The family moved to San Antonio not long after Perez-Gorda was injured in 2011.

This organization may build us a home that is safe for my husband to be safe in, said Josie Perez-Gorda.

Last week, the family learned they could soon get help from a non-profit organization. They received t-shirts with their logo on Thursday, so on Friday the two girls wore the shirts to school in support of their father. They got in trouble with their principal at Masters Elementary.

We do have a standardized dress code, said JudsonISD spokesperson, Aubrey Chancellor. We certainly support the military, but we do have to be consistent across the board when it comes to following the dress code.

Mom and dad are upset and wondering why the school allows students to wear t-shirts with college logos but not one with an organization that supports wounded warriors like their father.

These guys are fighting for our country and they should be able to wear something that honors their parents, especially if they are wounded, said the girls' mother.

The district spokesperson said if a parent feels the dress code needs to be changed they are always welcome to attend board meetings to address their concerns.

The Judson Independent School District dess code requiremenstfor grades pre-k to 8th are asfollows: Polo-style shirts (any color - solid or stripes), t-shirt with college or JISD campus spirit logo.

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