SAN ANTONIO -- It was supposed to be a normal delivery at a hospital with a doctor, but that wasn't the case for one San Antonio couple.

She's daddy's little girl.After three boys, the Delgado-Herrera family welcomed baby Isabel with lots of love.

We're just blessed, said Isabel Delgado. We truly are.

Her birth story is quite unusual.

I knew if I freaked out, the nurse was going to freak out and he (husband, David Herrera) was going to freak out, Delgado said.

It was March 25. Isabel Delgado was inside a delivery room at the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in Westover Hills. David Herrera and his nephew were by Isabel's side, but there was one very important person missing.

There was nobody in the room, so that's when I told my nephew to go find a doctor as soon as possible, said Herrera. When he comes back in finally, like, 'Uncle David, there's no doctors.'

Aside from one nurse, there was Delgado's on-call doctor, but he had stepped away for an emergency delivery. Delgado was ready to deliver, too.

So I looked at him (Herrera) and said, 'David, look at me,' and I said, 'You can do this,' recalls Delgado.

So I put the surgeon gloves on, Herrera said.

His wife takes it from there.

And I told him, 'Tell me when you're ready,' Delgado recalled.

He did, and baby Isabel was born.

The family said it all happened so fast, they don't even have Isabel's measurements or the time she was born.

We looked at the clock, and we were like, 'Maybe five minutes ago,' said the mom.

David credits their family doctor back in El Paso. After having delivered his three boys, he remembered what his doctor did.

I'm just glad that dad remembers everything because I don't remember everything my doctor tells me, said the mother giggling.

KENS 5 asked the hospital representative about the delivery in a statement we were told:

We take patient concerns seriously and conduct internal reviews surrounding patient concerns. Labor and Delivery nurses are trained to deliver babies when delivery of the baby is imminent. - CHRISTUSSanta Rosa Health System.

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