SAN ANTONIO -- Turtles have tough shells, but they're no match for car tires.

That's exactly what one woman wanted to remind drivers on Basse Road. After seeing several smooshed turtles on the roadway, she posted a turtle crossing sign near The Quarry Golf Course.

The Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Kendalia are are treating more and more turtles with fractured shells. Founder Lynn Cuny showed two turtles that were brought in after being hit by passing vehicles along a stretch of road on Basse.

She commended the woman who posted the turtle crossing sign and said she wishes more people could be so mindful of the slow pokes.

Unfortunately, one local business took it down, she said. It's just a real shame a local business decided it wasn't appropriate.

Anyone who encounters an injured turtle is encouraged to call (830) 336-2725.

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