SAN ANTONIO -- A mother is speaking out after she says her autistic son came home from school with a broken arm he suffered at the hands of a teacher.

The mother, who did not want to be identified, has an x-ray of the 9-year-old's broken right arm. She said he broke it in February at Knowlton Elementary after her son had an outburst at school and went after a teacher.

However, it's how the boy's upper right arm broke where two different stories emerge.

They [doctors] felt it was a spiral fraction and needed to be investigated and reported, she said.

The boy has had outburst at school before, his mother said, but never has he suffered an injury. She said the school administration claims her son broke his arm while striking the teacher near his shoulder.

Doctors believe otherwise, she said.

The doctors are just looking at me the whole time at the hospital that this didn t happen by flailing his arms, the mother said.

Her son, who is small in stature, allegedly admitted that there was a scuffle.

He s 4-foot-7, about 63, 64 pounds, she said. He s basically a tooth pick.

Over a month has passed since the incident. The mom is still searching for an apology and accountability even if it was an accident. She s also just hoping this will never happen again.

They ve got some teachers that maybe shouldn t be teaching, and I m not even saying this guy necessarily shouldn t be teaching, but definitely needs to be retrained if nothing else, she said.

Northside Independent School District officials said they ve sent the results of their investigation to the District Attorney s office. As protocol, the teacher involved was also put on administrative leave since the time of the incident.

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