On any given day in San Antonio, there are hundreds of children waiting to be adopted.

We caught up with four siblings at the San Antonio Zoo, where three sisters and one brother are looking for a mother and father to complete their family.

The oldest, 7-year-old Damonte, likes sports and wants to be a police officer. Sister Krianne, a smiling 6-year-old, likes to help out around the house.

Cheyenne is a creative 5-year-old who likes to draw and eat sweets. And 3-year-old Journey likes to sing, dance and play house.

Their Child Protective Services caseworker says the agency is looking for a family who will adopt the siblings together because they are each others' best friends.

They only know each other. They are all each other has had throughout this case, and it would be horrible to separate them , say Angela Sepuvelda, a CPS caseworker.

This active foursome will give a lucky couple a richer, fuller life and give the children a chance for a stable family.

The Wells family comes with a lot of help. CPS provides support, training and counseling every step of the way, and years after a forever family is forged.

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