Bessie Reece says the past couple of months have been really tough getting to work, getting her kids to school and grocery shopping because her SUV has been in the shop. The transmission went out on her almosttwo months ago, so she had Star Automotive &Transmission rebuild it.

Reece says the initial rebuild took almost a month, but she was happy when she finally picked up her vehicle. That happiness didn't last long.

Reecesays she only got aboutthree miles down the road when it started doing the same thing. She immediately called the shop, which had already closed for the day, but the owner, Manuel Garcia,told Reece to bringhertruckback in.

It took Reece a couple of days to get the truck back in the shop. A couple of weeks later when she hadn't heard from them, she called. She said Garcia had not even started on it yet. She said she was told he was backed up on work, and since hers was a warranty job, it would have to wait in line.

After another couple of weeks went by, she called again. Still they had not started on her truck.

That's when she called Eyewitness Wants to Know.

We went by Star and spoke with Garcia. At first he didn't want to talk with us, but he soon warmed up to the idea and admitted he should have gotten to the job. Garcia said hejust hadso much work to do that he had pushed it to the back.

Garcia also told us he understood Reece's frustration and promised to immediately get on the job.

He pushed the truck in and a week later said he thought he had it all corrected. But when he took it for a test-drive it failed to shift into overdrive. He says he has men working on it right now and hopes to wrap it up in the next couple of days. We'll let you know.

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