SANANTONIO -- The cost of a college education has been skyrocketing. Now, there s a new plan for some San Antonio students to be able to earn a bachelor s degree for less than $10,000.

Governor Rick Perry made headlines when he challenged Texas colleges and universities to come up with a more affordable bachelor s degree plan. Higher education is a dream not everyone can afford to pursue.

Many of us know that year after year, the cost of a fine education keeps going up and up, said Texas A&M University San Antonio president Dr. Maria Hernandez Ferrier.

Now, Texas A&M University San Antonio and the Alamo Community Colleges are teaming up to make that dream a reality.

A new plan will allow students to earn ACC credits while in high school, go to an Alamo Community College for a year and then transfer to A&M San Antonio for their last year, graduating with a bachelor s degree in Information Technologies.

The total cost of that is about $9,600, explained Alamo Colleges Chancellor Dr. Bruce Leslie. So we ve broken the barrier through that program.

The degree will funnel students into the cyber security field, an area where San Antonio is second only to Washington, DC. Not only will the degree be affordable, the graduating students will be in demand by industry.

So it s a huge area, Leslie commented. Whether you re working in business or military, whether you re working in the petroleum fields or anywhere else, the need for cyber security skilled people is huge.

Many of the students at the A&M campus on San Antonio s south side already come from Alamo College campuses. The University is poised for growth.

Students who want to pursue this degree will have to start down the road in high school. They ll graduate with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree in Information Technology for less than ten grand.

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