Bob Reta has lived on Leal Street in San Antonio for the past eight years. He says every time it rains, he ends up with a lake in the middle of his street -- right in front of his home. The ground has sank, taking the asphalt street with it.

That in itself is a huge problem. Every time it rains, Reta says he and his guests can't park in front of his home unless they're wearing knee high boots. He says he and his neighbors have called City Public Services too many times to count, only to be told we'll send someone out to check it out.

When we called City Hall, they told us they have actually scheduled Legal Street for re-profiling at the end of March. Re-profiling means they are going to re-grade the street and put down fresh asphalt. The city also says it will do any needed sidewalk work while they're there.

But the biggest problem in all of this is the sinking ground. Since it has dropped, Reta and his neighbors' sewer lines clog up about every two to three months. They have to call a plumber, who Reta says told him the problem exists where the lateral to their homes connects with the main line in the street.

We called SAWS, which sent someone out right away and told Reta if he hired a plumber and the plumber discovered the problem was in fact on city property then SAWS would take care of it. But this time SAWS volunteered to have one of their crew run a camera down the main line to determine if the sinking ground caused the main line to fail.

The work should be done in the next couple of days.

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