SAN ANTONIO -- A 43-year-old man awaiting trial on a charge of improper photography was arrested for a second time after police said he was caught taking more sexual videos of a young girl at a downtown restaurant.

Police said a customer at a downtown restaurant on Dec. 31 noticed Joseph Arnold Cadena acting strangely with his cell phone. The man approached Cadena and realized he was videotaping his young niece. He immediately called police.

Cadena at first refused to hand over his phone.

He was taken down to sex crimes where he admitted to a detective that he was filming the witness's niece for sexual gratification, said SAPD officer Matthew Porter. He also told detectives that he's been arrested for this in the past and that he's awaiting trial. He has a fetish for this type of behavior.

Cadena was also arrested and charged with improper photography and possession of child pornography in June 2010. He is expected in court next week.

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