SANANTONIO-- Many people dream about having a custom home but think it's too expensive. Well, one local company claims its possible to have your dream house for tens of thousands less by being your own general contractor.

We're not handy at all. We don't know how to do anything, Jen Lasater said.

Yet she and her husband, Matt, are now the proud owners of a beautiful 3000 square foot home they built from the ground up.

I thought there was no way I could ever do that, Matt Lasater said. That it was beyond me. We talked to a couple of custom home builders and of course we looked at all of the normal builders all around town and finally one day we went in and talked with UBuildIt and went maybe we can do this.

Mike Robare says the Lasaters were the perfect type of UBuildIt self, general contractors for the construction consulting firm. Our customers are 100 percent web savvy, they know where to go look, Robare said. They like the Craigslist, they like the eBays but even just all the local vendors, just good stewards. They go out and find the deals.

And that's exactly what the couple did.

We found a lot of stuff off Craigslist, Matt Lasater said. We found our tile on Craigslist. We have a lot of tile and its a porcelain tile and we got it for $1.89 a square foot.

When they price shopped the tile at local stores they found it retailed between $5 and $7 a square foot. So the Lasaters saved big. They also found the high end faucet that compliments their deluxe tub on eBay for a fraction of the retail price.

We found the faucet out there for like $170, Matt said. If you can save $500 bucks here and there it all adds up.

Not only did the Lasaters get the crown molding and custom window trimming that they wanted, they saved so much money they even got to splurge on a hard-wood floor.

All the things that were options and upgrades to everyone else we got it in this for the same price as their standard prices, Matt Lasater said.

Over all, the couple saved more than $60,000 and their home has appraised at more than $430,000 while the total construction cost ran the couple $100 a square foot. And if you're wondering how UBuildIt fits into the equation? Their fees are structured per square foot not by upgrade or type of project so there are no surprise bills.

Our job is to strictly consult them and help them build their dream home by whatever team work we can put together for them, Robare said.

And that team work includes vendors, contractors, architects and years of experience, which in this case will provide years of home sweet home for the Lasaters.

If you're interested in getting more information about the UBuildIt process, you can log on to their website at or call the local office at 210-389-1106.

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