Artists around town are using their talents to show off their Spurs spirit -- even barbers.

Walk into the Kardzmatic barbershop and you can get a fresh fade, a good laugh and a pretty creative way to show your Spurs pride.

I'm a die-hard Spurs fan, said Mike Bazan, whose Spurs pride went to his head ... seriously.

He had the images of four different Spurs players shaved into his hair.

Kardzmatic barber Joe Barajas did the 'do.

People that are for the Spurs, I usually give them deals just because I want to see more and more people support the Spurs, he said.

It was a two-hour job.

Joe Barber, as his clients call him, is as serious about his work as he is about the Spurs.

Now if a Miami Heat face came in, Barajas said, he's going to have to pay double!

The spirited cut has been dubbed Mount Spursmore, and like the team, Joe said it's a reflection of leaving your work on the court, or in this case, the scalp.

They don't talk much noise. They let their game do the talking, Joe said. He knows a thing or two about winning, as his work has earned him a number of trophies.

It's not about me. It's about the work that I do.

Like the Spurs in the West, Joe's work is a cut above the rest.

Knowing that my team is like that, it makes it that much more exciting, he said.

You might be wondering what it would cost to get a Mount Spursmore of your own. It wasn't a cheap cut. For that 'do, Bazan paid Joe $100.

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