UPDATE @ 7:00 ON 1/21: Texas Rangers said they will formulate a formal search party, according to Garden Ridge PD. That will not happen until Saturday.

Josh Bearden said they are organizing an independent search party at 8 a.m. Wednesday 1/22 at the Covenant Baptist Church.

Original Story

The search continues for 33-year-old Leanne Bearden. Her husband Josh says that Leanne went for a run last Friday afternoon, and he hasn't seen her since.

The couple had just returned from a two year trip around the world and were staying at his parents' home in Garden Ridge. They were supposed to fly home to Colorado Tuesday, but with Leanne still missing, that appears unlikely.

Josh Bearden says her wife is adventurous, and could have possibly injured herself while out for her run if she took a turn and decided to go exploring. He says that she would have had at home sixty dollars in cash, and some credit cards, but no cell phone.

Bearden said Garden Ridge police did say Leanne decided to leave the house on her own.

She left on her own free will that is what she did that is absolutely true, but what happened after she left the house on her own free will I don't know, Bearden told me.

Both the Comal County Sheriff's office and Garden Ridge Police say neither have active searches going on right now.

Anyone with any information about Leanne is urged to call Comal County Dispatch at 830-620-3400.

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