A former grocery chain employee has been arrested and fired on the spot following allegations of upskirting a female customer. According to an arrest warrant, Santos Angel Chapa was charged with improper photography over the weekend. He is out of jail on a $5,000 bond.

San Antonio police said the incident happened on June 29 at the H-E-B on the 1100 block of N.W. 1604. The victim claims an unknown man passed her three times in a store aisle. The warrant said on the third time she heard a simulated camera shutter sound as she reached for an item on the store's shelf. According to investigators, the woman recognized the noise asthat of a camera phone.

Police said the woman turned around and saw Chapa with his camera phone on the ground under her dress. She reportedly contacted another store employee, the store's management and police.

The arrest document said the victim spoke with H-E-B's legal division. They reportedly told her the 28-year-old had confessed to taking inappropriate pictures under her dress. A store surveillance video also allegedly supports the victim's claims.

Investigators executed a search warrant at Chapa's home on the 12500 block of Vista View. Last Monday, they recovered the camera phone from the incident, police said.

In addition, Chapa reportedly confessed again, the second time to police.

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