HOUSTON For much of her 31 years, Jaime Paulin-Ramirez had been searching for something or someone, as way to identify herself. As of last week, she has.

Her big brother, Michael Holcomb, is angry.

Jihad Jaime...disgusting, he said.

Jaime Paulin- Ramirez was living in Colorado with her mother and stepfather and had completed real estate, bar tending, computer-aided drawing and medical assisting school. She was also married three times.

Last year, she converted to Islam.On September 11, she announced she was leaving to marry a Muslim man she d met online and was moving to Ireland.

I was surprised, shocked, angry that she could be so dumb, said Holcomb.

Ramirez s mother found items on the home computer that suggested a link to terrorists.Frightened, she contacted authorities, but with no luck.

They were like still brushing her off, like she was a crazy old lady, oh wow, so your mom notified authorities in Colorado called the FBI, said Holcomb.

But Irish authorities did respond last week, and suspects, including Jamie and her new husband, were arrested in a plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who d made fun of the prophet Muhammed.Al-Qaida is offering $100,000 for his murder.

But Jaime didn t go to Ireland alone. She took her 6-year-old son, Christian.

Every time my mom would call, he asked when they were coming to pick him up, said Holcomb.

The family said their main focus now is to bring Christian home.

Before he is brainwashed into doing something stupid and believing we are all white devils, said Holcomb.

Late Tuesday, the family got word that Jaime is now pregnant again anddoes not want to return to America. There remains no word on her son, Christian.
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