Is it art or freedom of expression?

A wacky Christmas display depicts Jesus with a gun, Santa dead from gunshot wounds and Rudolph run over.

California resident Ron Lake is behind it all.

He says he is just fed up with the commercialism of Christmas, and he is expressing his anger in the front lawn of his home in Santa Barbara.

Needless to say, it is causing a ruckus.

Christmas is not about Santa, it's about Jesus, not the Jesus as the killer with the shotgun, but come on there's a little humor here, a little tragedy here, observes neighbor Susana Cruz..

Ron's neighbors are annoyed with his display. So much so that they are pounding on city council member's doors to have him disarm un-holy Jesus.

It's private property, and everyone has the right to it, and I have the right to stand up and say I don't like it, either, said Ron.

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