It was terrifying and traumatic for dozens of families.

Last week, 80 autistic children were suddenly without a school after Treehouse Pediatrics administrators announced they had to close their doors., immediately and permanently. Parents were overwhelmed, and you can imagine the panic of the teachers who were suddenly without a job just before the holidays.

Treehouse Pediatrics said they had to close their doors because of three months of non-payment from Tri-Care, which is a military health-care insurance provider.

Tri-Care claims paperwork wasn't filled in correctly.

Either way, the 80 autistic children were left out in the cold. The autism community network immediately stepped in.

Thursday, parents got the news they were praying to hear.

Two anonymous donors along with he USAA Foundation provided $235,000 in emergency funding.

The funding means at the start of the new year, the children's services will be continued, and the teachers will have jobs again.

There was a lot of gratitude spilling out of the Thursday meeting, and a fewtears.

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