SAN ANTONIO -- A Spurs fan who scored tickets to the NBA Finals games now fears none of his 10 tickets are any good.

When you go to Ticketmaster to buy Spurs tickets, in small print there is a very important message that lists restrictions. Only residents of greater San Antonio can purchase, is one.

The sign also warns of a two ticket purchase limit to each game. So how is it possible that one fan was able to buy 10?

That's where Tony Alvarez said his nightmare began.

I got 10 tickets, Alvarez said. I couldn't believe it. I thought I hit the lottery.

When Alvarez went to the AT&T Center Box Office a second time, however, to collect the goods, he was told his printed tickets were no good.

Too many people bought tickets and weren't supposed to, Alvarez said. But, he wonders, should that be his problem?

The website says: Orders over the limit will be canceled without notice and refunds given.

But Alvarez said he still hasn't seen a single cent returned to him.

Why did you sell me all 10? Why did you charge my bank? asked Alvarez.

Alvarez said he had saved his hard-earned money to treat his kids after they made the honor roll. Now he might be stuck with worthless pieces of paper.

They're $299 each, he exclaimed.

KENS 5 contacted Spurs Sports & Entertainment to find out: When should Alvarez expect a refund? Which of his tickets are valid? And how many other customers are at a loss?

A spokesman for Spurs Sports & Entertainment said that their website explicitly states that there is a two ticket maximum per game. He explained there may have been technical issues with the website, but he could not speculate about what those problems were.

The spokesman said he is reaching out to the box office to find out about Alvarez's case. He added that customers must contact the box office with problems and that the company would be more than happy to help.

Customers with complaints should call (210) 444-5714 or (210) 225-TEAM.

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