How many games will it take for the Spurs to beat the Heat?

For the answer, we sought some divine help here in San Antonio.

KENS 5's Karen Grace took a walk to reflect on the Finals with the man known as Spurs Jesus.

For him, basketball is a religion and the AT&T Center is his church.

He even wears an old-school David Robinson jersey beneath his flowing white robe.

Spurs Jesus started attending Spurs games three seasons ago, and has has become a fixture at many home games.

He said one time the Spurs Coyote even got down on his knees at his feet before a game.

I would love to say the Spurs are going to sweep again, Spurs Jesus said. But Miami is a pretty serious opponent. I'm not going to say we will sweep, but I'm going to say six games.

Spurs Jesus is hosting a viewing party on Thursday, June 6th to raise money for the Bonham Acadamey SAISDCharter School in the heart of Southtown. It's from 5 pm to midnight at 609 South Alamo Street,

And with that, Spurs Jesus went strolling away in his sandals down the River Walk. We witnessed many people who couldn't help stopping him to offer praise.

He doesn't just pose for pictures, make fan signs and rock his religious robe... Spurs Jesus actually is taking his role seriously and giving back to the community.

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