It's hard to say whether Eva Longoria is the chicken and waffles type or rather a cheesy bread and garlic fan. Maybe she's even jumped on the Sriracha bandwagon?

On Tuesday, Longoria unveiled Lay's new 'Do Us A Flavor' contest at the New York Stock Exchange. She tweeted a photo from outside the NYSE around 8 a.m.

Longoria appeared alongside chef Michael Symon, the other celebrity face behind the campaign that encourages potato chip fans to vote for the next big flavor

NEW YORK (AP) -- The next Lay's potato chip will taste like chicken and waffles. Or cheesy garlic bread. Or Sriracha, a hot sauce often used in Thai dishes.

Lay's is letting potato chip lovers decide which one of the three will be its newest flavor. All of them will be sold at retailers nationwide starting next week. After trying them, fans have until May to vote for their favorites. The flavor with the most votes will stay on store shelves.

It's the latest promotional stunt that tries to engage customers through social media and direct interaction, much as Hasbro's Monopoly did with its recent contest that ended with the addition of a cat game token and the demise of the iron.

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