Wilson County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a crime scene at FM 427 and CR 225, just southeast of Floresville, where a diver has recovered three people's bodies from a murky stock tank.

Authorities said a vehicle carrying several undocumented immigrants was headed down County Road 427 when a Wilson County deputy pulled it over for a broken headlight.

The deputy was just about to question the driver when the vehicle reportedly sped off down CR 225.

The driver drove though several fences before plummeting into a stock tank, authorities said.

The vehicle quickly became completely submerged in the murky depths. Authorities said four undocumented immigrants from Guatemala were found on top of the submerged SUV, while another was found on the dam and six others were found on CR 427.

A dive team from Texas City and San Marcos was at the scene Wednesday afternoon to help retrieve the vehicle and its contents.

The diver pulled the body of one man from the passenger side of the submerged vehicle at about noon. Two more bodies were recovered early in the afternoon.

None of the people have been identified.

The Department of Homeland Security was also at the scene.

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