SAN ANTONIO -- Two men are behind bars after allegedly robbing a popular local fast-food restaurant.

Police say the suspects robbed the Taco Cabana just off I-35 and Malone on the city s south side Sunday morning.

According to authorities, one of them had a sawed-off shot-gun.

The two suspects are Andrew Mendoza and Juan Ramirez

When the Taco Cabana was robbed, officers from the Robbery Task Force happened to be listening to the police scanners.

They called in their helicopter and managed find the suspect getaway car at a house on Quintana Road, a few miles west from the Taco Cabana.

Police kept an eye on the car and waited for the driver to leave the house.

When he did, police pulled him over. It was Andrew Mendoza behind the wheel.

Cops arrested Mendoza for another outstanding warrant he had. They took him in and he confessed to the Taco Cabana robbery, they said.

Hours later, police arrested Juan Ramirez.

Police say Ramirez and Mendoza are behind other robberies as well.

We are looking at other multiple cases, said Detective Daniel Alonzo. I can t elaborate on those cases as of right now. We have about as many as five to six other locations that the method of operation used in this morning matches the same method of operation from the Taco Cabana.

Detectives say they are confident the two are behind the other robberies they are investigating.

For now, Mendoza and Ramirez each have one charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon facing them.

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