SAN ANTONIO -- Greg Vegas Dalton says he just thought he was doing the right thing.

One day, while Dalton was working at Bradley's Billiards, vice officers came in for an inspection. While they were there, the officers found three violations. Dalton was the only employee on premises at the time.

The officer asked Dalton for his ID, then promptly wrote the tickets. Dalton had to sign for them. Dalton figured the owner would simply take the tickets and pay for them when he returned. But instead, Dalton said the owner began scheming to get out of the tickets.

Dalton said the owner, Amos Jones, told him just go to court and plead down the tickets and then they will take care of them. Dalton said he tried to get Jones to go to court with him but he refused.

Jones, however, had a much different story. He said Dalton refused to go meet him at court so they could take care of the tickets.

When Dalton finally showed up to court, the judge held him responsible and fined him roughly $800. Dalton said he repeatedly tried to get Jones to pay for the tickets, but that Jones would only pay $269 for one of the violations.

Jones said Dalton signed a piece of paper stating Jones paid in full when he paid the $269. He said the only reason things got so far out of whack was because Dalton was trying to make it difficult on Jones.

After Dalton contact Eyewitness Wants to Know, Jones agreed to pay an additional $300 of the fines. He said Dalton should have to bear some of the responsibility for not showing up for the initial court appearance and for trying to make it so difficult.

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