SAN ANTONIO -- A hacker claiming to be with the infamous group Anonymous says he took down the Northside ISD website over the weekend.

It s the latest in a string of controversies coming from the school district trying out a monitoring system to curb truancy.

The monitoring system uses microchips placed in the student I.D. cards. The move has created national headlines.

In a statement released online, the hacker with the Twitter handle @tr1xxyAnon says the district is taking away the privacy rights of its students.

However, district spokesperson Pasqual Gonzalez says the website was never compromised.

We have full documentation of the flurry of activity that happened this weekend so that we can turn over this information to the appropriate law enforcement officials. We know that there was a slow down on our website access... But as far as we know our website has not gone down.

The district said one student has refused to wear the badge saying it goes against her religion.

So we offered the student and her family the exception of wearing the ID without the technology built in, and we showed them the badge... We offered it to them and they declined, added Gonzalez.

That student is said to have a court date Wednesday.

In the meantime, the district says it s working with police and its technology department to get to the bottom of the threats and stop them.

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