MESQUITE Violence interrupted Black Friday shopping at the Town East Mall as police broke up a fight and subdued a suspected shoplifter with a Taser.

Next thing you know, other cops start running the other way. It was crazy. There was something over here and, I don t know, it was just so much, said Gloria Lira, who was shopping and witnessed the incident..

Mall spokesman Chad Hastings said the incident in the mall was handled swiftly by in-house security and the Mesquite Police Department. While some witnesses reported hearing gunshots, Hastings denied that, saying that sound was furniture being thrown. It's not clear how the fight began.

He said the incident was handled wiftly and referred to it as a small scuffle.

Police responded immediately and took the perpetrators or individuals into custody and back to business as usual at Town East Mall., Hastings said.

Lira recorded one incident with her cell-phone as police detained a shoplifting suspect. In the two minute video, police order the suspect to put his hands behind him.The sound of a Taser being used is also audible.

Everything transpired around 2 a.m. By 5 a.m. Friday morning, things appeared to be back to normal. There were no reports of serious injuries. It s unclear exactly how many people were detained Mesquite police have yet to comment.

Everybody was scared; I was too, Lira recalled. Suddenly you just start seeing a stampede of people saying, oh they have guns- get away-they re about to shoot, and this and that.

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