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HOUSTON Professional cheerleaders capture the attention of audiences nationwide, and they re typically known for being easy on the eyes, but some new uniforms debuted by the Dallas Mavericks dancers are raising a question: How sexy is too sexy?

Fans across the country have been commenting on the revealing outfits seen during Monday s halftime.

For nowadays 2012, it s not that bad really, said Marilyn Wells.

Through the stands at a high school football game at Del Mar Stadium, opinions seemed to be everywhere about the new uniforms.
It s a little skimpy. I m going to tell you that is really skimpy, said Page Steele.

Some asked what the big deal was.

I think they re a little overdressed. Of course, I ve got a daughter who s a cheerleader down there, and she will not be wearing anything like that, said Dennis Stanek.

Cheerleaders down on the field didn t think the uniforms were anything out of the ordinary.

When you re in the NFL, or NBA, you re going to wear that, no matter what. We ve always seen it, that s how it s always been, said Charlotte Blakemore, a cheerleader for Lamar High School.

The dance coach and choreographer of the Houston Rockets Power Dancers says it s important to appeal to a wide audience. She says that takes more thought than you may think.

Catering to that 14-year-old boy or even that 30-year-old woman that they can inspire, said Natalie Alvarado.

Alvarado said it starts with a vision, turns into a sketch and evolves to what you see on the court. She said it s important to create a uniform that the girls can move in.

One of her recent ideas for a uniform came from an outfit that Houston-born Beyonce was wearing.

I was a power dancer. I remember what it was like wearing that small top or itty-bitty shorts, added Alavarado. In my job, in my line of work, you want to head to that line [of being provocative, but not too provocative], but you never want to cross it.

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