SAN ANTONIO Local dog lovers are stepping forward to defend a veteran who was allegedly kicked out of a business and ridiculed for having a service dog.

Allen Hanauer, a trainer with SA K-9's, says it's happening more and more often.

I've had people kicked out of malls, he said.

Hanauer explained that his company not only provides service dogs for wounded veterans, but also provides moral support, which they often need.

Hanauer is just one of the local dog lovers rallying support for Adan Gallegos, who says he and his dog Botozwerekicked out of Billy Bob's Beds on Tezel Road. He was allegedly told to take off his wounded warriors shirt and to go occupy Wall Street, instead.

It really disheartens them, Hanauer said.

It's kind of like bullying, said Brooke Beck, who is also a trainer with SA K-9's. Why would you bully a veteran? Why?

Gallegos is taking his case to federal court. Hanauer and Beck said they hope it can bring positive attention to service dogs, showing just how much veterans can rely on their best friends.

Attorneys representing Billy Bob's Beds issued the following statement:

Mr. Gholson and his employees honor the military service of Mr. Gallegos and all veterans and active duty personnel. Billy Bob (BB) regrets the way things occurred and the misunderstanding between Mr. Gallegos and BB.

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