SAN ANTONIO -- A concerned resident says a deer has been meandering around his Hollywood Park neighborhood with some sort of plastic piping tangled up in his antlers.

Mike Farar sent KENS 5 a photo of the poor deer and his plastic headwear. The photo was taken in the14000 Clear Creek Street, where the deer apparently likes to linger.

Farar says he was able to lure the deer close to him with a bowl of cracked corn on Monday and thenpluck some of the plastic pipes out of the deer's antlers.Two of the pipe still remained as of Tuesday morning.

Farar guesses the deer probably ran into a miniature goal in somebody's backyard.

It's some plastic tubbing with kind of a netting material, he said. So maybe it's like a softball or a soccer-type structure that youkick into. And he got his head caught in it.

Farar said he called the parks and wildlife department in Hollywood Park and San Antonio, but has not received a response as of Tuesday afternoon.

It really doesn't seem to bother him, Farar said. But it bothers me, of course, to have this poor guy running around with tubes on his head.

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