Ricardo Jaramillo says he knows it's not much, but it's better than paying rent. Jaramillo made a deal with Wendy West to buy a home West owns on the far west side. The home is un-level, the roof was sagging and the floors needed to be replaced.

Jaramillo was tired of having nothing to show for his rent money so he agreed to give West a $3000 down payment and $350 a month for the next 40 months. That was in April of 2011. Jaramillo went in and raised the roof, tore out the floors and was waiting for West to get the company she had paid to level the floor to come back out.

A month went by, then two...and eventually seven months past without Jaramillo making a payment to West. He says he tried numerous times to contact her, but West's phone number was changed. He says he didn't know where West lived but he did know where she worked.

Jaramillo says he was afraid to go by her job, because he thought he might be arrested for harassment. That's when Jaramillo called Eyewitness Wants To Know. We went by, but West had already left for the day. She called us the next day and after we explained the situation, she agreed to meet with Jaramillo and continue with their deal.

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