SAN ANTONIO -- Two communities are on edge after two innocent bystanders were shot within 24 hours of one another.

I thought it was a nice, neat little park, said Nana Butler, who owns the Sublime Hair Salon across from Sunrise Park in the 6500 block of Binz-Engleman Road. But hearing that? No.

A woman was shot in the face by a stray shotgun blast while running in the park on Monday night. San Antonio police said the gunman was actually aiming for a group of men playing basketball.

And 35-year-old Mary Gonzales was shot in the back on Tuesday - this time on the city's east side. She was caught in crossfire outside the Dollar Food Mart in the 600 block of Porter Street on Tuesday afternoon, police said. Witnesses told officers the shots came from inside a blue 4-door Kia. Investigators said a man may also have been hit, but he fled the scene before police arrived.

Police described the victims in both shootings as innocent bystanders. They were both taken to area hospitals and are expected to be OK.

Butler said she is fed up with the senseless violence. She's afraid the crime could be scaring away her clients.

It can't be stopped, Butler said. It's crazy.

Anyone with more information is encouraged to call San Antonio police.

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