AUSTIN -- A final day of campaigning is underway across Texas ahead of the Primary run-off election. Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst spent Monday morning reaching out where he could meet one-on-one with conservative minds, at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in South Austin.

Dewhurst is in a tight race this run-off with Ted Cruz. Cruz is already deemed the Tea Party favorite. Dewhurst meanwhile has been pegged as the more moderate conservative. Early voting numbers show Cruz ahead by 10 points.

I m proud of our position in the polls, explained Dewhurst. I feel good where we are. I m concentrating on urging all Texans to turnout for [Tuesday s] election. It s very important that we vote.

Dewhurst's campaign stop at Chick-fil-A was his first in a final push to reach out to those who still haven't cast a ballot. The company is under fire right now. Its president recently came out saying he supports the biblical definition of marriage; a stance Dewhurst reiterated this morning.

There have been attacks over the last week against Chick-fil-A and keep in mind in the 2003 session I lead in passing Defense of Marriage which is under law and now a constitutional amendment that marriage is between one man and one woman. Again in Texas we don't try and be politically correct, said Dewhurst.

Dewhurst shook the hands of supporters, then he left to catch a flight to San Antonio for another campaign event. Afterward his campaign office says he's heading to Dallas. That's where he'll be on election morning. He will end the day and watch results in Houston.
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